Management of jumbled wire completes in Nagarjun-1


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, May 27:The management work of jumbled and risky cables and electrical wires in Nagarjun Municipality-1 has been completed.

According to Rameshwar Lama, Ward Chairman of Nagarjun Municipality-1, after more than two months, the management of wires tangled on the main and adjoining roads of the settlements in the ward has been cleared.

"Despite various challenges, we took this initiative to keep the ward beautiful and reduce the risk of accidents that may occur at any time," said Lama. 

The management of the jumbled wire began on March 22 and completed on May 20. Lama said that the wire management work has been completed without spending a single rupee of the ward and municipality.

"The employees who are involved in this work were able to continue working with the lunch and water provided selflessly by the local residents and my personal lunch expenses," Lama said.

Similarly, during the campaign, seven poles of Nepal Telecom have been removed as they posed risks to the people. During the period, 15 trucks of collected jumbled wires have been managed and taken by Nepsemyak Sewa Pvt. Ltd, a solid waste management office.

According to Ek Narayan Upadhyaya, Chairman of Radhakrishna Tole Improvement Committee of Ward No. 1, after the completion of wire management, the settlements and main roads are now clean and safe. 

“The initiative of the ward has made all the ward residents feel happy and safe,” Upadhyaya added. According to Sushma Dhakal, a local resident of the ward, the settlement has now become cleaner and worth seeing after the management of wires.

Chairman Lama said that the ward office has set up one wire management committee involving cable operators' representatives, Nepal Telecom and Nepal Electricity Authority to monitor and not let people and authorities install wire haphazardly in the coming days. 

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