Sudan Gaire comes up with Hindi song


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, May 24The music video for the Hindi song 'Manjile,' sung by Sudan Gaire has recently been released. Gaire is supported by Mamata Gurung.

 The song was co-written by Anil Sangraula and Shankar Thapa 'Smile'. 

The music video revolves around a tragic accident in the lives of a young couple who are passionately striving to participate in the Indian dance reality competition.

 Director Ganesh Shahi has skillfully presented a compelling story in the approximately 6-minute video. 

The music video for the 'Sad Version' of the song showcases the girlfriend's deep love for her boyfriend.

 Rahul Shah appears in a wheelchair, portraying the male lead, while Ashma Bishwakarma portrays his girlfriend.

 The concept and choreography for this song were crafted by Rahul Shah, with the video being shot and edited by Pawan Susling.

 Pratima Sharma produced the video, which was released through the YouTube channel 'Right Tune Entertainment.'

Singer Sudan Gaire expressed that his production team created this piece to convey a positive message, urging Nepali artists to present their art and music in the international music market. 

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