Successful removal of girl’s facial tumor elates family


By Our Correspondent ,Nepalgunj, May 20: A tumor, which had covered the entire face of a 10-year-old underprivileged girl in Banke, has been completely removed after a complex operation in three stages. 

Dr. Vinod Karna, a plastic surgeon at Nepalgunj Medical College, successfully performed three stages of surgery, provided free medications and completely removed the tumor, leading to a successful transplant. 

He said that treatment costing Rs. 200,000 was made free with the help of medical college and others. 

It took Dr. Karna two months to perform the surgery, successfully removing the tumor engulfing her face with new skin. As a result, her face now looks clean.

 He informed that 97 per cent of the face had been cleaned and the remaining three per cent would be cleaned after two years in the fourth stage of the treatment. 

According to the doctor, the girl had Nevus Pilosus Pigmentosus, so a surgery called tumor excision and split skin transplant was performed. 

With tears in his eyes, the girl's father, Seijad Kabadia, said that the doctor gave her daughter a new life by providing free treatment. He added that after the third stage of surgery removed the tumor, his happiness was boundless, saying that he had never imagined that his daughter's face would be clean like that. He said, “Due to poverty, I was unable to afford for my daughter's treatment, but Dr. Karna has provided free treatment, giving a new life to my daughter.”

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