Stability will lead to development: Speaker


By Bishnu Prasad Pokharel,Damak, Mar. 24: Speaker of the House of Representatives Devraj Ghimire has said that political instability has hindered development works.

Commenting on the situation in which the Prime Minister sought the vote of confidence twice in two months, Speaker Ghimire said that development could be possible only when there is stability in the country. 

Inaugurating the liaison office of the lawmakers and Provincial Assembly members elected from Jhapa Constituency-2 at Birtamod, Jhapa, on Wednesday, Speaker Ghimire stressed the need for consensus among the political parties for stability. 

“For political stability and development in the country, the political parties must rise above their political interests and work for people’s wellbeing,” he said. 

He also shared his confidence that the current government would remain stable.

Shedding lights on the need of opening the liaison office, Speaker Ghimire said that the office was opened for the general public. “If any local has any complaint, they do not have to travel to meet the lawmaker and assembly members. The liaison office will take their complaints and demands and try to address their issues.”

Though he got the responsibility of the Speaker, he is responsible for the development of Jhapa Constituency-2 from where he was elected to the House of Representatives (HoR), he said. 

The office is also expected to receive necessary advices and suggestions for the development of the constituency, he added. 

Stating that he reached the position where he has to rise above his party and play a fair role, Speaker Ghimire said the liaison office was a common platform for all. 

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