Aandhikhola cleanup campaign continues


Waling, March 22  :  The cleanup campaign of Aandhikhola river, which carries a religious and historical importance, has completed 12 weeks.    

The Waling Municipality in Syangja district has initiated the campaign to clean up the river two hours a week on every Saturday. Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, community-based organisations and local residents have made concerted efforts to carry out the cleanliness campaign.    

The campaign was launched to conserve the civilization and identity of Andhikhola, according to Prakash Aryal, the coordinator of Aandhikhola conservation concerns forum.

Along with the campaign, awareness raising programmes are also conducted for the protection of source of water and reduction of overexploitation of natural resources.  

"More participants will gradually come onboard as this is a part of social responsibility. This will advance continuously," Aryal added.    

The sanitation cleanup initiative was advanced as the river is getting polluted after urbanization and mixing up the garbage, it is said. (RSS)     

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