Dmriti drops ‘Dus Ma Dus’


By Mannu Shahi

DMRITI, a 21-year-old rapper originally from Chandragadhi, Jhapa, currently based in Kathmandu, is enthralled in the Nep-hop community after winning the rap reality show Wai Wai Dynamite Break Bars Rap Battle in 2021. 

Inspired by eccentric rappers like Dong, Kavi G, and Amazumi, the emcee created waves post releasing her most cherished radical anthem, “Female Rapper” via Skathi Records her managing label. Lured into the world of Hip-hop through the late legend Yama Budhha, Dmriti claims she found her home in the genre after discovering the roots of this style of music. 

The oppression and social bias faced by the Black community in the United States led this music to become a movement that resonated with her inner core as the emcee herself has been a first-hand victim of the caste hierarchy dominant in our society to date. Thus, the struggles of countless marginalised communities spoke to the young and aspiring talent, who also got mesmerised by the literary influence of the genre.    

This bi-lingual poet isn’t a fan of the assertive Nepali music fraternity narratives that elevate her gender as the silver lining of any kind of art she produces. Thus, through "Female Rapper,'' she vents out her ideologies and taunts our social conditioning that demands continuous reference back to this prevailing stereotypical loophole that most Nepali music consumers fall into. The video with over 356,000 streams is hopefully a wake-up call to these orthodox expectations and a step further toward a rather inclusive 

art community.

Although 2022 was the year when we heard a handful of great tunes from the musician while in actuality Dmriti was releasing music on her official YouTube handle long before. Under her birth name Smrity Bishwakarma, she published three singles in 2018 and two more singles in 2019 as Maze, a four-track mix-tape titled Pluto in 2020, and a few singles, cover tunes, and remixes since 2021.

And, on Friday, March 17, the songstress dropped yet another sophisticated tune titled “10/10” (Dus Ma Dus). Written and composed by Dmriti; the music is produced by Goofy; audio is mixed and mastered by Kpass; and the cover art is credited to Stormcrow Framework. The song kicks off with swishing wind samples layered by the cawing sounds of the crows and a spooky Chinese-lute like programmed guitar commences the intro. The inventive and catchy hook takes over showcasing Dmriti’s vocal prowess, with a fast pace, clear diction, and, the lowest vocal range demonstrated by the emcee to date. 

She has done commendable work on backing vocal harmonies enhancing the hook’s impression further since the very first listen. Similarly, the song has great detailing and elaboration on the verses sharing her real-life struggles with such vehement. The latter half post second verse with a short break, like a section, deviates away from the otherwise flow of the track, intensifying the overall structure and adding more variation. 

The video work, although uncredited, is immaculate; the colorful lights, over-saturated color grading, and the contrast in different 

shots, all amalgamate aesthetic value to the final product. 

In addition to this, Dmriti, with her charismatic personality, takes the centre stage and thoroughly entertains her audience with her expressions, gimmicks, glamor, and charms. So, definitely check out the video in case you haven’t already. 

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