Democratic socialist, Janamat, Nagarik Unmukti agree for working alliance


Socialist Party Chair Mahantha Thakur, Janamat Party's Chair Dr CK Raut and Unmukti's Chair Chaudhary.

Kathmandu, March 12: Democratic Socialist Party Nepal, Janamat Party and Nagarik Unmukti Party have reached an agreement for a working alliance.    

A meeting of three parties held on Saturday evening agreed to move ahead by collaborating with each other on various agendas, according to Nagarik Unmukti Party's Chair Ranjita Shrestha (Chaudhary).    

The parties are univocal on addressing the agenda of the Madhesh and Tharuhat movements and the Citizenship Bill, withdrawal of cases against those involved in the movements, implementation of past agreements and so on.    

Janamat Party's Chair Dr CK Raut, Socialist Party Chair Mahantha Thakur and Unmukti's Chair Chaudhary have signed the agreement paper towards that end. The parties have an alliance for the election of the Vice President and have fielded Mamata Jha of the Janamat Party as a consensus candidate for the election. (RSS)     

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