Three nominees selected for World's Children's Prize


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, March 9: Names of the three nominees have been selected for the World's Children's Prize (WCP) of this year.  

Mohammed Rezwan of Bangladesh, Cindy Blackstock of Canada and Thích Nu Minh Tú of Vietnam have been selected as the three nominees for WCP this year, according to a press release of the WCP issued today.

Rezwan was selected on the basis of his contribution for his 25-year fight for the right of children, especially girls, to go to school.

Blackstock is known for her 30-year battle for the rights of indigenous children to get good education, be healthy, grow up safely at home and be proud of their language and culture.

Thích Nu has been nominated for her almost 40-year fight as a Buddhist nun to protect orphans and children whose families cannot afford to support them.

Millions of children, thousands of them in Nepal, will vote to decide the winner among the three selected contenders. The majority of the participating children live in poor, fragile countries and are learning for the first time that they have rights, read the press release.

The winner will be awarded with the, "Children's Nobel Prize." Nominees are selected in the race to win the Children's Nobel Prize for their contribution to protect the rights of the vulnerable children. Bindu, 15, will represent Nepal as a child jury of the World's Children Prize International. Bindu represents children who are the victims of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The award was launched in 2000 and since then it has contributed to a better life for thousands of children. The prize money, SEK 500,000, is used to support the work of the Child Rights Heroes, and since 2000 has contributed to a better life for tens of thousands of vulnerable children. Previous Child Rights Heroes include Maiti Nepal and Indira Ranamagar from Nepal.

All the Child Rights Heroes will be honoured at a ceremony at Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred on 4 October 2023. Queen Silvia of Sweden will help children from twelve countries, who will act as hosts for the ceremony, to award the prizes, read the press release. 

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