Baratha Smriti Samman to Sharad Ranjit


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, Jan. 30: Sharad Ranjit, a prominent artist who has made a special contribution to the field of Nepali cartoons, has been honoured with “Baratha Smriti Samman 2079”.

 Cartoonist Club of Nepal honoured him in the capital on Saturday.

 The founding president of the club, veteran artist Ashokman Singh, presented the honour to Ranjit amidst a ceremony.

Singh expressed that Ranjit had made an incomparable contribution to the field of Nepali cartoons. He discussed the early days of the Nepali cartoon sector and shared the experiences of the development of cartoon art due to the contribution of the elders.

Felicitated  Ranjit shared his experience of publishing a book of adult education named “Naya Goreto” and a satirical magazine including “Bhadbhailo”. 

Cartoonist Avin Shrestha, the outgoing president of the club, informed that the club started honouring artist from the late cartoonist Balram Thapa. Thapa was associated with Gorkhapatra. Thapa’s cartoons were published in various newspapers including the Gorkhapatra.

Club president Basu Kshitiz informed that the organisation has been continuously presenting honours for the past eight years. 

He said that every year the club has been honouring special personalities who have contributed to the field of Nepali cartoons.

 On that occasion, Prof. Ramkumar Pandey was also honoured with “Baratha Smriti Samman- 2076”. He couldn’t receive the honour then because he was out of the country. 

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