Dang sees a growing number of kidney patients


BY OUR CORRESPONDENT, Dang, Aug. 7:  Kidney patients in Dang who need to undergo regular dialysis are facing problem as the district is seeing a growing number of patients. Three kidney dialysis centres are in operation in Dang. 

Regular dialysis services are in operation from Rapti Provincial Hospital in Tulsipur, Rapti Health Science Academy in Ghorahi and Deukhuri Community Dialysis Center in Lamahi.

Keshav Ghimire, the proposed president of the Rotary Club of Lamahi, informed that these hospitals cannot provide services to new patients due to the increasing number of patients.

The hospitals cannot bear the pressure of patients as there are not sufficient machines and space, said Ghimire. 

"These hospitals are in no position to provide services to new patients until new machines are installed and the treatment area is expanded."

There are 12 dialyzers, machines used for kidney dialysis, in Lamahi dialysis centre and 86 are receiving the services. With the increasing number of patients, the centre has planned to add three more dialyzer machines. 

The centre is providing service in three shifts – from 9am to 9pm – but still many patients are deprived of the service because of the aforementioned reasons.  

According to Rabi Lal Acharya, founding chairperson of Rotary Club of Lamahi, patients from Dang, Kapilvastu, Pyuthan, Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan and Kanchanpur districts visit the centre to receive dialysis services. 

Similarly, there are four dialyser machines in Rapti Provincial Hospital. That number is insufficient for the patients needing dialysis services. 

In addition to the machines, the hospital also needs additional health workers, said Dr. Binod Singh, medical superintendent of the hospital. The Lumbini province government has also decided to add ten more machines in the current fiscal year. 

Likewise, there are five dialysis machines in Rapti Health Science Academy. Around 25 patients are receiving regular dialysis services, said Jharana Bhandari, in-charge of dialysis section.  "We are not in a position to admit new kidney patients who need dialysis services," said Bhandari. 

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