Dharan running autos by garbage generated gas


By Nisha Rai Dharan, July 4: Dharan Sub-metropolitan City has started to run six vehicles (autos) by waste generated biogas.

Biogas and organic manure have been produced from organic wastes by separating the organic and recyclable wastes that are thrown in the landfill.

Biogas is being produced after a tripartite agreement between Dharan Sub-metropolis, Alternate Energy Promotion Centre and Venture Waste to Energy Pvt. Ltd. on June 8, 2017. The plant was built in 22 Katthas of land with a total investment of Rs. 240 million.

Engineer of the company, Bibek Agarwal said that the plant will produce enough gas to run 150 autos and added that 12-15 hundred kg of gas was being produced on a daily basis.

He also informed that the plant has the capacity to refine 50 tonnes of waste daily while the recyclable waste would be sold to the recyclers.

Chief of Department of Environment Bhes Raj Ghimire said that 22 tonnes of organic waste and 15-20 tonnes of inorganic waste is produced in Dharan on a daily basis.

According to Er. Agarwal, out of the total waste 60-65 per cent of waste can be turned into manure, 17-20 per cent waste is reusable and recyclable and 20 per cent can be managed into sanitary landfill.

The plant was inaugurated by PM Sher Bahadur Deuba on January 4, 2022. Dharan has increased its earning by running the waste management centre and has also become a pioneer in practicing sustainable waste management.

Dharan Sub-metropolis has already inked a 20-year agreement with Energy Pvt. Ltd. for waste management.

According to the agreement, the plant along with the land and 1 per cent of the total income must be handed over to the Dharan Sub-metropolitan City after 20 years.

It costs Rs. 1 and 1 paisa to manage 1 kg of waste which indicates that the sub-metropolis spends nearly Rs. 40 million on waste management.

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