Govt's priority: 'Buddhisingh road as alternative to Prithivi Highway'


 Damauli, June 11 (RSS):  The Buddhisingh road considered to be an alternative route to the Prithivi Highway will be blacktopped.

A bid for blacktopping 10 kilometers of the road from Damauli to Sudhe has been announced, said the infrastructure development office, Tanahun. The road will link Damauli of Tanahu and Ghumaune of Chitwan.  

The government of Gandaki Province has prioritised and allocated Rs 460 million budget for the next fiscal year, 2022/23 for the project, said Minister for Internal Affairs Dobate Bishwokarma.

"The provincial government has prioritised the project and it has been also accommodated in the government's policies and programmes. The government is committed to upgrade the road," he said.    

Meanwhile, there has been a delay in the construction of a bridge at Ghumaune in Chitwan along the road, it has been complained.    
"The road is yet to be used as an alternative route due to a delay in the bridge construction," he said.    

Contracted in 2075 BS, the project should be completed in 2078 BS. However, only 30 percent construction has taken place so far.

The contactor, Mrita Sanjibani Company based in Hetauda has claimed that a change in the bridge design and obstruction by the Muglin-Narayangadh road project have caused the delay. The project cost is estimated to be over Rs 82 million.    

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