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Parmeshwar Devkota

Like other parts of country, the Budhanilkantha Municipality is also in the grip of fervour of the local elections. Located in the north-east of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, it has witnessed a significant increase in population over the years. 

However, the municipality lacks basic facilities such as water supply and transport. Water supply is uneven in various areas such as Nilopool, Kapan Height and Sapredhunga. 

Public transportation in the area is still under the control of certain private companies. Office-goers, as well as common people, are bound to spend a lot of time to reach their respective destinations. They face a lot of inconvenience during the rush hour as they have to travel in overcrowded buses and microbuses. 

Transport facilities are hardly accessible to vast areas of Jagadol and Kaudol. The roads in the inner part of the municipality are not only narrow but also encroached upon by local shopkeepers and vegetable vendors. The roads lack footpath while there are no drainage system and public toilets. This municipality has a large area covered with unregistered land encroached upon by local people. This land could be utilised for public good such as children’s parks, old-age homes and bus parks. But this type of land is yet to be identified and brought into use. 

The electricity wires are not managed properly, which should have been replaced with the underground wiring system. But no institution is yet to pay heed to it. The open wire electricity may harm commuters, vehicles and roadside residents at any time. 

As the campaign for local election began, a group of six-seven youths of certain political party appeared at Rudramati Chowk in Kapan the other day with their candidates and held discussions with the local inhabitants. The local citizens reminded the candidates of their demands like replacing open electricity wires and making footpaths clear. The leaders said that those issues have been in the election manifesto. They vowed to solve all the issues at once if they get elected in the May 13 poll.  

On the next morning, almost the same number of people of another party visited the same place and sought locals' grievances and suggestions. But the audience hardly gave any new suggestion, rather, they repeated the same demands, and lodged many more new complaints. The leaders heard the complaints pensively and pledged to fulfil all the demands if they were voted in the election.  

Some standing candidates claimed that the voters defeated them in the past election, which make them suffer later. Their sarcastic remarks did not only amuse the spectators but also triggered peals of laughter.

An audience said that the young people are leaving the country to make a fortune in the Middle East, the US and European countries, which have threatened to disrupt families, with no one to take care of elderly and sick people. If the local level makes some multi-storey buildings with health facilities and parks, it would help serve the need of old generation. 

Then, one of the leaders turned a certain page of their poll manifesto and showed their commitment to build such centres if they were voted to public offices. These examples show that the local leaders are paying much attention to the local concerns. 

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