No agreement to form commission for constitution amendment: Chair Oli


UML Chair KP Sharma Oli during a meeting of the Party Secretariat at the UML Central Office in Chyasal. Photo: Chandrakala Kshetri/RSS

By TRN Online, Kathmandu, July 10: Chairman of the CPN (UML) KP Sharma Oli said that there has not been any agreement between the Nepali Congress and UML to form a commission for the amendment of the constitution. 

Addressing the meeting of the party’s secretariat held at the central office of UML at Chyasal on Wednesday, Chair Oli said that there is no agreement between Congress and UML to form a commission for constitution amendment. 

He said that the constitution will be amended if needed as per the experience. He said that a conclusion has not been made by being on a certain point. He mentioned that the commission has not been formed on anyone’s leadership nor there was a talk. 

Chair Oli said, “Constitution will be amended based on experience on where, what kind of change, reformation and improvement if needed. We have not reached a conclusion on a certain point. The commission has not formed in anybody’s leadership. Tentatively, it is said that the constitution to a point will be amended to protect, and promote national interests, and to make a prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali in a reality.” 

He said that things such as the constitution are going on a way towards confusion, and instability as the Nepali Congress and UML came together are said to spread doubt. 

He said that CPN (UML) and Nepali Congress have come together to put a stop to things such as repetitive change and the fall of the government in the province inviting instability, and bargaining by keeping the vested interest of a person and party on centre. 

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