Attractive Mini-great wall


Photo: Baburam Sharma/TRN

By Baburam Sharma, Dolakha, June 21: The Chinese team are flocking down to observe a mini great wall of Sailung Rural Municipality, Dolakha.

Owner of the Basecamp Kalapani Sailuing Hotel Lal Bahadur Shrestha said that the mini great wall has become a attraction to tourists therefore, number of tourists are flocking down to observe it.

According to him, Chinese tourists are coming to visit the mini-great wall in cycle and in bus. The hustle and bustle is being heard in basecamp with the flow of internal and foreign tourists. Even the hotels are filled. It looks like a great number of tourists will visit the place this year following the snowfall.

Shrestha, who have been running a hotel since last four years, said, "Before, the few hotels that were here were not running smoothly. Lately, the load has increased. The need of additional hotels have been felt. Gradually, the number of tourists have been increasing since previous Dashain."

According to the Federal tourism Development Partnership Program, the great wall was built to ease the commute to Sailung.

Engineer of the Rural Municipality Kamal Bahadur Thapa Magar said that the mini great wall has been built from base camp of Kalapani to some meters high in an Rs 3 million investment with 70 percent and 30 percent partnership between government and Rural Municipality respectively.

He said, "The remaining work of finishing and light installment is to be done and they are also being done swiftly. This has eased the commute to tourists. Earlier, it was difficult to travel in winter and in foggy days."

The four meters long in 770 meters, one meter high bar with four meters breath from Kalapani has been built. This now looks pleasing to eyes. It is believed that this will prove to a leap in protection and promotion of tourists. The accommodation is also well managed in base camp, Kalapani. There is even a public toilet there.



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