Chinese superconducting quantum computer receives over 10 million global visits


Quantum computing has survived the hype cycle of many other emerging technologies. Photo credit: Shutterstock

HEFEI, June 19: China's independently developed third-generation superconducting quantum computer, Origin Wukong, has received more than 10 million remote visits globally, marking an important milestone in the country's quantum computing development, the China Science and Technology Daily has reported.

As of 9 a.m. Monday, people from 124 countries and regions remotely accessed Origin Wukong, which has completed nearly 236,000 quantum computing tasks globally, according to the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center.

The quantum computer, powered by Wukong, a 72-qubit indigenous superconducting quantum chip, went into operation on Jan. 6 in Hefei, east China's Anhui Province. It is one of the country's most advanced programmable and deliverable superconducting quantum computers.

Wukong's name was inspired by Sun Wukong, a mythical Chinese figure with the ability to transform into 72 different forms, symbolizing the computer's powerful and versatile capabilities.

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