Memorable Victory On 'AgroSphere' Innovation


As eighth-grade students at Asia Pacific School Dhapasi, we had the opportunity to learn robotics coding. We introduced many new and exciting concepts. To participate in an international competition called CODEAVOUR 5, we created a project named ‘AgroSphere,’a tool designed to help farmers grow crops more easily and effectively. AgroSphere presents a revolutionary remote agriculture system designed to enable farming in any location and condition, leveraging advanced technologies for climate control, irrigation management, and environmental monitoring. Our project includes an automatic sunroof opener, a system to check and control temperature, and a moisture sensor that automatically pumps water. It also has heating and cooling systems. By using smart sensors and automation, it monitors and controls the farm’s conditions. With moisture sensors, automatic watering, sunroof openers, and temperature monitors, AgroSphere helps use resources wisely, grow more crops, and support sustainable farming practices.

Winning the international competition was a huge achievement for us. We were able to showcase our talent in an international forum. The competition was held in Dubai in April of this year. This article offers a glimpse into our journey.

 On the first day of our trip to Dubai from Kathmandu, we spent time travelling. Once we reached there, we checked into the Leela Hotel. We took some time to explore the hotel and discuss our plans for preparing the project. We also reinstalled the dismantled projects to get ready for the presentation scheduled for the next day.

 On the second day, we woke up in our comfy hotel bed and had a delicious breakfast. Then, we went to Dubai American Academy to assemble our dismantled project, which was in a cardboard box. Despite the tiredness and jet lag, the enthusiasm to win kept us motivated. The nervousness ran when one of the essentials was missing back home at school during the process of dismantling, but we got help from one of our competitors, a good Indonesian friend. After all, things were set, but we were still nervous and had trouble sleeping thinking about the results. 

 On the third day, it was presentation day, and we focused on fixing the main component of the project before presenting it to the judges. Once each group finished their presentation, it was time for the results. We were excited when the announcements of the winners of various titles began. Algeria won in track 2, India received many trophies, and Nepal won one. Our team's hope started to fade until suddenly, my email ID was called out, winning the "Out of the Box Idea' title. It was a surprising and thrilling moment to receive the award. It was an amazing experience to go on stage to collect the trophy, medal, and certificate representing Nepal. After the completion of the event, we explored the Burj Khalifa, which felt like being on top of the world after winning an international competition. 

 On the final day, bidding bye to Dubai, we landed in Kathmandu after an amazing educational trip. We made countless beautiful memories with friends, cruising, and enjoying a desert safari while doing a little shopping. 

The entire experience of learning coding and robotics was overwhelming, exciting, and highly educational. We enjoyed the entire journey, especially presenting in front of 800 participants from around the world and receiving an award. 

Grade: VIII, Asia Pacific School, Dhapasi, Kathmandu

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