CM Kandel proposes initiatives for Karnali prosperity


By Lalit Basel,Surkeht, May 16: Chief Minister Yamlal Kandel of Karnali Province has proposed four initiatives aimed at fostering the prosperity of the region.

One month into his tenure as Chief Minister, CM Kandel has said that he had forwarded only four development plans for speeding up the prosperity of the province. 

Speaking at a press meet in Surkhet on Tuesday, Chief Minister Kandel unveiled a plan focusing on the expansion of roads and airports in Karnali Province.

His first plan is to designate the Karnali Corridor spanning from Surkhet to Humla, the Bheri Corridor extending from Surkhet to Dolpa, and the Nagchelagn road from Kalikot to Mugu as projects of national pride, with ample budget allocation to facilitate their development.

Likewise, in the second plan, he has advocated for the expansion of the Ratna Highway linking Kohalpur to Surkhet with a four-lane road. 

In the third proposal, he has emphasized the enhancement and modernization of Surkhet Airport.

Lastly, in the fourth plan, he has proposed establishing Surkhet Airport as the primary hub for internal flights within Karnali Province.

Chief Minister Kandel informed that he had advocated to designate the Karnali Corridor and Bheri Corridor as projects of national pride. 

However, he expressed concern that progress had been less than satisfactory due to the allocation of scattered budget, urging for focused attention and investment in these vital areas.

He claimed that the key to the development and prosperity of Karnali Province lay in the expansion and enhancement of upgraded roads and airports.

Chief Minister Kandel highlighted that the establishment and development of water, land, and herbal industries in Karnali Province would be facilitated with the improved infrastructure of roads and airports. 

He believed that this would generate substantial employment opportunities in the region.

He persistently reminded the federal government to prioritize and pay attention to the implementation of these development plans in Karnali Province.

Similarly, as the provincial government gears up to formulate the budget and draft policies and plans for the upcoming financial year, Chief Minister Kandel emphasized completing projects that have already achieved 50 per cent progress.

Chief Minister Kandel has underscored that the policies and plans for the upcoming years will prioritize the completion of projects that have already crossed the 50 per cent completion mark.

He highlighted that the conditions in Karnali would be meticulously planned and budgeted. 

In the past, plans were made but were often hindered due to insufficient budget allocation and investment, resulting in incomplete projects, he added. 

CM Kandel also assured to avoid ad hoc planning processes, emphasizing a preference for plans that come through the institutional system. 

This approach ensures that only proposals forwarded through proper channels are considered for selection, he said, adding, “This time, no large-scale project will be brought forth.”

He remarked that in the past, significant budgets and plans were proposed, but unfortunately, the allocated budget couldn’t be fully utilized, resulting in a negative impression.

However, he admitted that due to Karnali’s geographical challenges, shortage of manpower, and lack of infrastructure, the expected progress could not be achieved.

In a different context, Chief Minister Kandel asserted that the number of ministers in Karnali Province would remain fixed at eight. 

Despite holding the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law himself, he emphasized that even in the event of reshuffling to ensure proper share among the ruling parties, the ministerial count would not exceed eight.

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