Shreego’s impressive new sentimental tune ‘Duri’


By Mannu Shahi

Born in June 10, 2006, in Pokhara, Shreejal Bikram Bhandari better known by the moniker Shreego is a singer, songwriter, influencer and cinematographer. A sincere devotee of the Christian doctrine, the singer honed his singing abilities during his church services and was influenced by his grandmother who was a regular performer at weekly mass and an avid composer of ritual music. During his mid-school years, the singer had already commenced working as a photographer for local weddings and events. In one of such events, the legendary rock outfit Albatross was performing and star-struck Shreego capturing the concert felt a strong desire to take over the stage and became as influential as the rockers he was mesmerised by. 

So he quickly returned home and tried composing a song reminiscing his furry friend, who had recently passed away. And a cascade of words materialised, most of which he later included in his debut single ‘Banda Kotha’, but with romantic tweaks. The video was also self-produced with Shreego operating as the cinematographer, director and editor; his big sister Shreya and good friend Adeep as the actors. 

The video performed well as the singer had already accumulated a decent following by posting various cover tunes and daily-life vlogs. Although the singer is very young and began his content creating journey only from 2020, his channel currently engrosses around 385,000 subscribers.     

It was his third single ‘Harayeko Maya’ that actually got massive instant attention, making the singer an overnight viral sensation. The song produced by his cousin B2 (Sanjal Bhandari) of the Gain Studios was a presentation of Changa Productions and featured gamer and fellow influencer Wiffeyy (Shreya Lama) as the actor. The video posted from Changa Productions’ social handle has been streamed over 16 million times till date. 

Ensuing this Shreego published widely appreciated singles ‘Khoj’ with 19 million plays and a year later ‘Maya Marideu’ with 13 million views. The same year the singer teamed up with his music producer and cousin B2 to present the acoustic live takes of his popular singles at Studio 5150. His follow-up singles were ‘Abhinaya’, a year later ‘Kina Timro Huna Sakina’ and the latest ‘Mayalu’ published a few months ago in February 2024. 

And the singer is back again with his ninth single, ‘Duri’ dropping a lyrics video last Wednesday on May 8. Written and composed by Shreego, the tune is arranged and produced by B2 and the video is curated by Sandeep Tiwari. This sombre pop-ballad sings the tune of lovers departing with one another in hopes of rekindling their romance in the future but simultaneously with a prevailing fear of uncertainty due to life’s hardships. Lyrically, the couple is portrayed as opting to make it through in a long-distance alliance but terrified of the infinite possibilities of things not working out in their favour, and thus out of this fear are pushing the other away to salvage oneself. 

The song is also well-executed musically, oozing a nostalgic ambience throughout. The short but adequate compositional structure is one of the most dynamic arrangements thus far by Shreego. Commendable work on the lyrics, the singer flaunts his innate writing caliber the entire time. 

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