CPC for maintaining relations with all political parties in Nepal


Beijing, Apr. 18: The Communist Party of China (CPC) is interested in developing and maintaining good relations with all political parties of Nepal, according to Xie Chuntao, Vice-President of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee also known as the National Academy of Governance. 

Although the CPC takes the communist and socialist parties around the globe with greater regard, Xie said that CPC gives priority to ‘better and cordial’ relations with the major parties in the neighbourhood. 

“We respect every political party of any country and promote interaction with and learn from each other,” he said at an interaction with the foreign journalists at the School in Beijing on Tuesday. 

Xie is the member of the CPC Central Committee while the Vice-President of the CPC School is ministerial level post. 

According to him, the CPC is in good terms with the communist parties in Nepal and maintains parallel relations with other parties as well. However, this is the relation of bilateral interaction, learning and cooperation on various socio-political and economic issues, he said.

However, he refrained from commenting on the armed or guerilla warfare taken up by the communist parties, many of which call them Maoists, around the globe. 

Xie stated that China is practicing a new form of democracy known as ‘consultative democracy’ which consults with the people or their representatives while making decisions about the development and economic programmes, and social and political issues. 

The Chinese legislature-body is also called Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and its national committee holds the congress every year to assess the performance of the government and devise plan for the next year. 

The CPC School was established nine decades ago. It works as the training centre for the party cadres as well as staff college for the government officials. Its main objectives are to build up party ideology of officials, develop integrity and morality in them, train them in Marxism and maintain political character of communism. 

Founder of the CPC, Mao Zedong, former president Hu Jintao and incumbent Chinese President Xi Jinping had served as the President of the School. 

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