Mahakali provincial hospital offers pediatric cancer and hematology service


Dodhara Chandani (Kanchanpur), Feb 28: The first-of-its-kind of pediatric cancer and hematology specialist service has begun in Sudurpaschim. 

The Mahendranagar-based Mahakali Provincial Hospital has started delivering pediatric cancer care specialized services in Sudurpaschim. Pediatric cancer and hematology specialist Dr Ichha Dhakal started the service at the hospital.  

Mahakali Provincial Hospital's Medical Superintendent Dr Arjun Bhatta said, "This is the first time that a pediatric cancer and hematology specialist has come to the hospital. Cancer in children can be detected and treated on time". 

Dr Dhakal said that although it is possible to treat cancer in children it would be difficult to prevent child cancer. "Cancer can be avoided if adults do not smoke and drink alcohol and adopt a healthy lifestyle", he said, adding, "Cancer in children is slightly different, preventive measures cannot be taken".  

Chairperson of the Provincial Hospital Krishnananda Bhatta said that specialist services have been added to the hospital lately. "Although there are 28 specialist doctors in the hospital, 13 specialist doctors are now providing services", he said, adding the hospital is adding specialist services including gyno. 

Recently, the hospital has also started dialysis service, which has made it easier for the service seekers here. (RSS)

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