Women's participation increases in daily wage work


BY OUR CORRESPONDENT,Humla, Feb. 10: The involvement of women in construction work has increased with the provision of equal daily wages for both genders working in the construction sector in the district.

Janaki Jaisi of Deukhuri in Kharpunath Rural Municipality-1 said that more women are attracted to the construction sector as gender-based discrimination in terms of wages has ended to a certain extent. 

She said that due to the difference in wages, women were reluctant to work as construction labourers, but now they are getting equal pay which has made them enthusiastic to work in the construction sector. 

Women have witnessed a surge in employment opportunities. Previously men were paid Rs. 1,000 and women were paid just Rs. 800 for the same work accomplished. 

The women feel empowered by the elimination of inequality of wages for similar work.  Matiu Rokaya from Simkot Rural Municipality-5 mentioned that women workers were attracted to construction work after they started getting equal pay.

Women labourers are earning Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month after the introduction of this policy.

Sunam Bahadur Lama, a construction businessman, said that female labourers too are equally efficient and hard-working. If we could add amenities like a separate toilet and other safety measures, it would be best for women.

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