Cooperatives should win depositors' trust: CM Sharma


Karnali, Feb 6: Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Raj Kumar Sharma, has viewed cooperatives should maintain good governance and win depositors' trust.     
Development could be ensured with mobilization of people through cooperatives, he opined while addressing a province level workshop on 'cooperatives' problems and good governance promotion' organized by the province ministry at Birendranagar on Monday.    
He further suggested that cooperatives could launch activities for income generation. Cooperative's role is vital for development as the constitution itself has envisioned socialism, CM Sharma reminded.    
CM Sharma viewed the problems facing cooperative sector could be addressed through proper policies at all three tiers of government.    
According to him, province government was focused on economic prosperity and social justice which, he argued, would bring happiness in people. Good governance is essential to address problems seen in multiple sectors, he emphasized.    
He also reminded that State had adopted three-pillar policy for economic development where cooperatives, private and public build partnership and forward activities.    
Chairman of the management committee to sort out sick cooperatives, Kashiraj Dahal, claimed, "Cooperatives are losing trust due to unethical activities." The cooperatives could play important role to retain capital, technology and talent, he suggested.  (RSS)       

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