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Dixya Poudel

According to statistics, youths in Nepal are leaving the country for foreign terrains at an alarming rate. Nearly 808,415 Nepali youths left the nation for foreign employment during the year 2023. Likewise, over 108,542 Nepali students opted to study abroad in 2023. This craze of going abroad for employment or education is adversely impacting the human resource of Nepal. Further, a vast number of Nepali citizens apply for EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) each year. EDV is a lottery system that offers Nepali citizens a chance to earn permanent residency in the United States. Held annually, the application process is fully online and Nepali citizens are seen clamouring to apply for EDV to test their luck. 

Nepal is known as a prominent tourist’s destination. And visitors who travel across Nepal note the friendliness, amicability and genuine hospitability of the Nepalis. Given the pleasant climate, friendly citizens and the rich cultural and traditional heritage, Nepal should be a great place to live. Only, a lack of educational and employment opportunities leaves its citizens (particularly the youths) high and dry. The idyllic villages are now left with the elderly, infirm and children with the able youths having migrated for foreign destinations in search of employment. 

Meanwhile, among the educated class in cities and towns, youths continue to vie for abroad studies. There is an ongoing trend for graduates of higher secondary schools to apply for admissions to reputed colleges and universities in foreign nations. But such youth migration leads to a plethora of problems in the native country. If the most able, educated and competent human resources leave the nation for foreign shores, Nepal is left with a dearth of capable manpower, stunting its growth. 

The grass may seem greener in foreign pastures; however, there isn’t a guarantee that the youths leaving for foreign lands will find their dreams fulfilled. The American Dream is a challenge to the immigrants in the US. Abroad studies and employment aren’t destined for everyone. There are those who find success in foreign nations but there are also those who see their dreams crumble. Most are left homesick amid lack of lucrative opportunities. There are many who live and work illegally. Scattered across the world are countless Nepalis who are yet to see their dreams of abroad success materialise. 

But then, the diligent ones who can compete with the global human resources find themselves fulfilling their potential. However, wouldn’t it be great if such talents would invest their well-earned resources and knowledge in Nepal? The youths who live abroad return to Nepal in holidays and bring with them tales of success amid the envy of those living in Nepal. And from afar, the success stories of Nepalis abroad can be compelling but the real picture may be far from ideal.  

As such, the youths who have chosen to stay in Nepal and study and work in the nation shouldn’t feel discouraged or disheartened. Hard work always pays off. Further, opting to stay in Nepal and work in the motherland can be full of rewards and joys. In the long run, the motherland will benefit from the investments and hard work of the Nepalis within the nation. And so will the Nepalis who have tried their luck, fortune and competency in their home country, Nepal.  

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