Use of mother tongue should be increased: Minister Sharma


Photo: Minister Sharma's Secretariat

By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Jan 8: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, said that the constitution has established Nepal as a multilingual country by recognizing all mother tongues, therefore, the use of mother tongues needs to be increased in all agencies. 

She clarified that mother tongues play a pivotal role in establishing the belongings of the respective communities towards the state. 

Inaugurating the publication of the news service on National (mother tongues) of the National News Agency (RSS) Minister Sharma said that Nepal has become a multilingual, multiracial, multicultural country in a real sense following the political change.  

 She said, “All the mother tongue spoken in the country are national languages.”

“By clarifying the definition of the state as ‘Having multiethnic multilingual, multi-religious, multicultural, characteristics with common aspirations of people living in the geographical diversity, and being committed to and united by a bond of allegiance to national independence, geographical integrity, national interest and prosperity of Nepal, all Nepali people collectively constitute the nation,” She said.  

While reminding that the constitution has made a clear provision that in addition to the Nepali language, one or more other languages spoken by the majority of people within the province have been determined by the provincial law, Minister Sharma said that the language commission is also active to make any recommendation if any other decision needs to be made in line with languages.  

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