Underdeveloped, least-developed countries at risk due to carbon emission: PM Prachanda


Photo: PradeepRaj Onta/RSS

By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Nov 25: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said that the underdeveloped and least developed countries are at great risk due to carbon emission which is a common issue in the current world today. 

In the program of the release of Bishal Khadka’s book,  'Environment Crisis: Common Issue of Eight Billion People' at Baluwatar on Saturday, PM said that it is mentioned in the report of Himalayas: Climate Change, Blank Carbon and Regional Resilience, that each year ice in the Himalayas are melting at a rate of 0.3 to 1 per cent in countries like Nepal. 

The PM said, “The report of the United Nations shows that even though the developed nations, who are contributing majorly to the greenhouse gasses, had committed  to contribute 100 billion dollars by 2020 to the climate finance fund set up to compensate for the irreparable damage that greenhouse effect has on climate, but, they have not fulfilled their commitment.” 

According to PM, the conclusion of the book that the target of the developed contributes is to earn profit by investing in war rather than protecting the ecological system cannot be denied. 

Therefore, the writer of the book has stressed that it is the right of the underdeveloped and least developed countries to be compensated by the developed countries.

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