Apple turning fruitful for Bajura farmers


By Sher Bahadur Sarki,Bajura, June 11: The Agriculture Knowledge Centre (AKC) of Bajura district conducted a detailed study on the district’s geography and its feasibility in apple farming some years ago. 

Seeing positive possibilities, the AKC attracted farmers of the district towards apple farming. 

The yield was handsome; however, the farmers did not find it profitable as the apples did not get a market.

The farmers had even started feeding the unsold apples to their cattle.

According to Min Prasad Jaishi, information officer for Bajura AKC, these days the centre collects the apples from the orchards of the farmers and they reach different markets across the country.

Similarly, local levels have also been motivating the farmers after which the barren lands are being turned into apple orchards.

While apples were grown in the Himalayan regions of Swamikartik, Budhinanda and Jagannath in Bajura earlier, farmers of lower altitude regions such as Gaumul and Khaptad Chhededaha have also started growing apples.

According to the AKC, apples are being cultivated on at least 170 hectares of land currently. Last year, 1,200 metric tonnes of apples were grown in Bajura.

“The organic apples cultivated in Bajura reach different parts of the country through transportation facilitated with a grant from the AKC. From local apples produced earlier, farmers even cultivate a variety of apples including fuji, gala and golden,” said Jaishi.

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