New law needed to reform media sector: Minister Sharma


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, June 7: Minister for Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has emphasized on law formulation for reconstruction of the mass media sector.

She pointed at the need of necessary law making while receiving today the report of the committee on suggestion for reform of mass media sector.

The committee on reform was formed nearly three months ago under the coordination of senior journalist Dr. Suresh Acharya. The committee's report comprises suggestions on three bills including policy suggestions.

Minister Sharma assured that the bills would be moved forward only after studying the suggestions of the report and then incorporating them in the bills. She said the public service broadcasting bill has reached the House of Representatives (HoR) after being endorsed from National Assembly (NA).

On the occasion, CIT Minister Sharma viewed that suggestions from the experts of journalism sector were needed and the committee was formed keeping the same in the mind as press freedom was to be kept in center while managing and monitoring media sector.

"In the past, in some cases, the government would make law with some concept, but the main stakeholders would disagree with the law made. To avoid such a situation, and to ensure that press sector takes the ownership of the laws related to it, this time we involved senior journalists in a kind of process for law making," said Minister Sharma.

She also thanked the committee for submitting the report in time.

Krishna Bahadur Raut, secretary of MoCIT, expressed commitment to incorporate the suggestions made in the report in the process of law making.

Coordinator of the Committee Dr. Acharya said the report was prepared after 27 meeting and four meetings with the stakeholders.

He said the report includes suggestions on media council bill, mass media bill and the draft of national mass media training academy as well as public service broadcasting bill. The report also has suggestions for policy suggestions on reconstruction of mass media sector.

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