Textbooks not reached two Namkha schools


BY OUR CORRESPONDENT,Humla, May 25: Two schools in Limi village of Namkha Rural Municipality have not received textbooks yet even weeks after the new academic session began.

Although the textbooks have reached the district headquarters in Simkot, they could not be distributed to the schools since the roads that pass through the highlands in Nyalu located at an altitude of 5,000 metres above sea level were blocked by snow. 

Kunchok Tamang, a resident of Limi, said that the students of Sunkhani Basic School and Bhrikuti Basic School had not received the textbooks even one and half months after the new academic session began. 

Stating that the textbooks had not been delivered to the schools due to geographical difficulties, he said that the students had been using books written in the Tibetan language and old torn books for studies. 

Karnajit Budha, the headmaster of Bhrikuti Basic School, informed that 51 students were studying in the school from classes of early childhood to fifth grade. He said that he had already received textbooks from the distributors but could not transport them to Limi. The books had already arrived in Simkot, he added. 

He said that the books could not be brought to the school due to road blockade. He had discussed the issue also with the rural municipality and ward chairs, he said.

Similarly, Sunkhani Basic School has also a total of 51 students. Though students across the country were happy to receive textbooks at the beginning of the academic session, students of Bhrikuti and Sunkhani are still waiting for their textbooks. 

Gyan Bahadur Rokaya, owner of Rokaya Books Store, informed that the store already had 51 sets of tex tbooks for the students of Sunkhani but no one had ever come to receive them. 

Ward chair of Limi Paljor Tamang had used a helicopter to transport election materials  for his election campaign during the local level elections. But no one has shown interest to transport the textbooks stuck in the district headquarters through the air for the bright future of the students. 

Ward chair Tamang said that initiatives were being taken to open the road connecting Limi and textbooks would be taken to the schools only after opening the blocked road. 

Other schools of Namkha Rural Municipality had already received the textbooks. 

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