The freezing winter is here. So it is time for us to start keeping warm. Of course, the preferred way to do that would be to stay under a blanket all day and not leave our rooms. But, since most of us have jobs and daily chores, that is not possible. So, the next best thing is to wrap ourselves up in thick winter clothes. 

But, while staying warm, we also have to stay presentable. After all, we cannot go in front of people looking shabby. We have an impression to make. So, as the mercury drops and the chill sets in, let us opt for a few clothing items that keep us snuggly and fashionable.

Coats are a special type of winterwear that you can rarely go wrong with. They are warm and stylish and there are a few varieties to choose from. For instance, fur coats are great insulation, ski coats are good for extreme cold and trench coats are good for everyday use and can be paired with many kinds of formal and casual apparel.

While style is a matter of personal choice, the function is not so even though you may go for different colours, patterns or fits of coats, make sure it protects you from the cold. Choose coats that are long enough to at least keep your torso fully covered, that are not too tight or heavy and do not hinder your movement and that can keep the cold wind out when travelling on motorcycles.

Unless you have a special winter shirt, you would want to wear a sweater underneath the coat. You may choose a turtleneck, button-up or pullover depending on the occasion and availability and, really, as long as they are warm and complement your body type, any sweater is good. There is no need to put a lot of thought into sweaters unless you are going to an event that requires impeccable fashion sense.

But if you are buying a new sweater then you might need to consider a few things like the 

fabric. Woollen sweaters are almost the default. However, they have been getting expensive in recent years. 

So, if you are on a budget, you might need to go for a good cotton option. On the other hand, if money is no object, then why not spend on a sleek cashmere sweater that playfully flaunts your extravagance? In the case of colour, fashion experts suggest darker tones because they look good in winter and can be paired with an array of outfits.

Also, buy a sweater that gives you room to breathe. Your body will move and your sweater should not constrict it.

Now, going from the head down, let us talk about caps. There are countless winter caps available in the market but nothing beats the classic woollen pom-pom one. They are cosy, cover the ears without inhibiting hearing and can be worn under helmets, hoodies and other caps. And they look good too.

And for the hands, we have gloves. Woollen gloves are suitable for normal use while leather ones are better for driving. Woollen mittens have tiny holes in them that allow the frigid air to come in contact with your fingers when riding two-wheelers. Also, they are not waterproof and do not keep the hands dry in the event of rain. 

Further, unlike sweaters and coats, choose gloves that fit tightly around your fingers. Any saggy bits will make it difficult to hold things. 

And if you can, buy one that has an extra grip on the palms or at least the tips of the fingers because that would eliminate the need to take off your mitts when you have to grab stuff. For the colour, it is better to go with darker patterns because they do not dirty easily.

Of course, these are nothing more than suggestions. Your choice of clothes depends entirely on you. But one thing that must be mentioned here is that your winter clothes demand greater care than your summer apparel. And one way to care for them is to not iron them.

Pressing woollen clothes that are already dry only burns them. If you have stubborn wrinkles to get rid of, use a steam press. If you do not have access to one, try putting a slightly damp white muslin cloth above your winterwear and then only iron them. 

When storing, keep them in garment bags or inside plastic to protect them from dust and bugs. Winter clothes can last for years, even a decade if taken care of properly.

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