Humla’s jimbu herb finds its way to Kathmandu


By Our Correspondent,Humla, Nov. 22: Jimbu grown in the pastures of high Himalayan area in Humla has been exported to Kathmandu. 

The organic and high-quality jimbu was exported to Kathmandu by a Limi-based co-operative after its demand soared in the capital city. 

Kunchok Tamang, treasurer of Limi Ekta Multipurpose Cooperatives, said that the jimbu grown in the Himalayas was supplied to Kathmandu by purchasing from Limi locals. 

He said that jimbu was purchased from locals at the rate of Rs. 1,500 per kg and that jimbu taken from Humla was sold after setting up a Karnali Barrack in Bouddha in Kathmandu. 

He added that the jimbu has been selling at Rs. 2,000 per kg in Kathmandu. 

Around 50 kg of the Himalayan herb has been supplied from Limi this year. 

Five quintals of raw jimbu was collected and after drying, it reduced to 50 kg, he said. 

Jimbu is not produced by the farmers, but grows on its own in highlands. After packaging and branding, it is sold in a package of 50 to 200 grams. 

Other organic products of Humla are also sold in the barrack. 

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