Embossed number plates fixed on less than 2% vehicles



Kathmandu, Nov 1: The placing of an embossed number plate which is considered vital for the safety of motor vehicles reports a sluggish process.     

The government made a decision the fixing the number plates six years and now it has been fixed on less than two per cent of vehicles against the target.     

Though the government had set a target of fixing embossed number plates on 2.5 million vehicles in five years, so far the progress is too less than the target. It has been placed on 35 thousand vehicles only, according to the Department of Transport Management.     

We are just requesting the people to get the embossed number plates installed on their vehicles, said Ishwori Datta Paneru, the spokesperson of the Department.     

He shared, "As the Department is a law enforcement body, it is requesting the service recipients to implement the law."     

Spokesperson Paneru mentioned that all should install embossed number plates on their vehicles as it is the responsibility of all to follow the laws.     

He further said that the Department would produce an embossed number plate and the office should install it.(RSS)

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