Day Meal Programme keeping students at schools


By Our Correspondent

Kalikot/Nepalgunj Sept 8 : The Day Meal Programme (DMP) launched by the federal government for all primary level students of community schools across the country has been effective in increasing the number of students in schools of the rural areas of Kalikot and Banke districts. 

Ishtiyak Ahamamad Sah, chairman of Narainapur Rural Municipality in Banke, said that the schools of the rural municipality informed that the students had been regular in the school after the implementation of the DMP. 

“This programme will help reduce the school dropout problems,” he added. 

“The primary level students of Nepal Rastriya Primary School are happily coming to the school after they started receiving free meal and uniform,” said headmaster Rajjak Khan. 

Likewise, the headmasters of Namuna Adharbhut School and Nepal Rastriya Secondary School informed that the number of dropout students have decreased in their schools after the introduction of the DMP. 

Similarly, the number of new students and their regular attendance in schools have increased in Saldanda Adharbhut School of Shuvakalika Rural Municipality-2 in Kalikot, informed headmaster of the school Prem Dhoj Chaulagain.

He informed that the students’ regularity has increased by 95 per cent after they started providing free meal at the school. Out of 250 students of the school which has been running classes up to grade six, more than 230 are regular, he said.

Krishna Prasad Baral, headmaster of Motiram Secondary School, said that the school earlier gave meal allowance to the parents instead of giving meal to the students at the school. But that did not become effective, he added. “After that, we started providing meal at the school, which has increased the regular participation of the students in the school.”

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