Mugu declared fully vaccine-assured district


Mugu, Sept 8 :  Mugu has been declared a fully vaccine-assured district.    

Amidst a programme on Wednesday with the slogan 'Utilization, ownership and participation of local resource; our commitment for full vaccination assurance', Mugu, a district in the Karnali Province, was declared to be the fully vaccine-guaranteed district.    

Secretary of District Vaccine Coordination Committee and Health Office Chief Umesh Gautam shared that the district was declared to be the fully vaccine-assured district based on a report of households' survey undertaken in coordination with local level and wards.    

It may be noted that Rara Municipality, Soru Rural Municipality, Khalyang Rural Municipality and Mugu Makarma Rong Rural Municipality of Mugu were already declared the fully vaccination-assured local level. (RSS)

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