Woman earns Rs. 45,000 a month from cow farming


By Ramesh Bishowkarma, Gulmi, Aug 31: Sabitra Bhandari, a resident of Arkhale of Resunga Municipality, is earning a decent income from cow farming.  Also a woman leader of Resunga Municipality-4, Sabitra said that she has been earning a good amount from husbandry.

She is pursuing cow farming for the last 10 years. She has now 20 advanced breed cows. She has got Holstein, Jersey and Sahiwal breeds of cows. 

She said the cost increases due to the expensive cow feed. 

She said that 20 liters of milk can be extracted from each of the cows a day. However, there is no need to worry about the market. She informed that she saves about Rs 45 thousand a month from the sale of milk.  

She said that infertility of cows and management of calves is a real challenge. There is also a challenge to growing grass in the hilly area because of limited land. 

She viewed that government should identify the farmers and make provisions for subsidies that could support the farmer. 

She added that the local government should provide veterinarians and medical facilities. She said that the availability of grass, technical knowledge, and assurance of market could be helpful for farmers.  

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