• Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Ilam’s Suryodaya increasingly getting tech-savvy


BY PREM ADHIKARI Pashupatinagar, Aug 1 : Suryodaya Municipality, in Ilam district, has made significant strides in integrating the day-to-day activities with technology.

The city, which has been declared a ‘tourist city’ by the Province 1 government, has given a boost to the technology-friendly city campaign. 

Recently, the city launched an online service portal, bringing four online services into operations: tax payments, list registrations, recommendations and other registrations.  

The municipality running a paperless campaign informed that it would not receive any handwritten applications in coming days. 

Mayor Rana Bahadur Rai said that the time of both service provider and receiver had been saved after the digital service came into operation, making it possible to pay tax through online wallets like E-sewa, Khalti and others.

Chief Administrative Officer Milan Bhattarai said that accountability and transparency could be ensured with the development and expansion of digital media. He said, "Online services have made it easier for both parties to work," referring to service providers and receivers. 

The municipality has already arranged payment through EAT system and its campaign to make the municipality, ward offices and community schools tech-savvy is being live broadcasted in assembly meetings and important programmes through digital displays. 

Its vehicles are fitted with GPS. It has also brought the electronic attendance into operation in ward office and schools, not to mention the construction weather station. 

Meanwhile, the municipality has unveiled its budget for the fiscal year 2022/23, setting aside a budget of Rs. 1.35 billion. 

It is the only municipality out of 10 municipalities in Ilam to announce the budget through public programme.  

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