Saraswati Pratikshya comes up with new novel


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, June 17: Promising young novelist Saraswati Pratikshya has come up with her new novel 'Swa' in Nepali in the market. The novel inspires the readers to search the happiness inside one's self.

Journalist Ghanashyam Khadka, translator Saguna Shah and author Pratikshya herself made the book public amid a crowded function in the capital on Saturday.

Journalist Khadka, who is also a trainer of right mindfulness meditation, related the Buddhist philosophy with the storyline of the novel. "Every man wants to be happy in life but in contrast, they are sad because they do not know where the happiness is inherited," he said. "Right mindfulness suggests that happiness is inside oneself."

According to Khadka, the novel by Pratikshya in a real sense follows the sentiment of mindfulness. "Almost Nepalis do not know the real message of Lord Buddha but they are proud of Nepal because it is the birthplace of Buddha. It is meaningless," he commented.

Right mindfulness is one of the eightfold paths taught by Buddha. The eightfold path is accepted as a means to end suffering. Right mindfulness is the means of developing awareness of one's thoughts, feelings and actions in the present moment.

"In the right mindfulness meditation, you should try to be mindful of what is going on in the present instant. This novel tries to express it in a very simple language and practical way," Khadka asserted.

Translator Shah opined that the novel was an anecdote of searching for oneself. "The language, style and powerful articulation have made the novel worth reading," she said.

Novelist Pratikshya said that the novel takes the reader to the spirituality. "Spirituality is the way to know yourself, to search yourself inside you. Why some so-called materialists are making it a taboo?” she asked. 

Publisher of the book Bhupendra Khadka expressed happiness to have a chance to publish the 'beautiful novel'. 

Published by Bookhill Kathmandu, the 280-page book is priced at Rs. 599.

Recognised as a prominent poet and essayist, Pratikshya became very popular with her debut novel Nathiya which was published seven years back. Earlier, she had published three collections of poetry including Yadhyapi Prasnaharu, Bimbaharuko Kahghara and Bagi Sarangi.

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