At least nine dead as stage collapses at Mexico rally


Presidential candidate Jorge Alvarez Maynez was holding a rally at the time. Reuters

May 22: At least nine people have been killed, including a child, and about 50 have been injured after part of a stage collapsed at an election campaign rally in Mexico's northern Nuevo León state, the local governor has said.

The incident occurred as centre-left presidential candidate Jorge Alvarez Maynez was delivering a speech in the city of San Pedro Garza Garcia, near Monterrey.

Mr Maynez was uninjured in the collapse and was seen speaking to supporters following the incident. Several members of his team had been hurt, he said.

The collapse was caused by a sudden gust of wind, Mr Maynez said in a post on X.

Footage has emerged apparently showing the moment the lighting structure collapsed as a number of people were on the stage.

Video posted on social media showed Mr Maynez waving to his supporters and then running to the back of the stage for safety as he realised part of the structure was toppling over.

People can also be heard screaming and running from the stage.

“What we experienced happened in just a few seconds: A gale came, a sudden wind, and unfortunately, it collapsed the stage, resulting in a fatal accident,” Mr Maynez told reporters at the scene, according to the AP news agency.

The collapsed structure can be seen on the left of this picture. Getty Images

The victims were eight adults and one child, State Governor Samuel Garcia said.

Three of those injured required surgery, he added, following a visit to a local hospital.

Posting on social media, Mr Garcia urged local residents to stay indoors because of thunderstorms and strong winds in the area.

"If you can, avoid going out because there are storms and atypical winds. I will keep you informed," he wrote on X.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he was sending "a hug to family members, friends of the victims and political supporters".

Mr Maynez is the candidate of the Citizens' Movement party and is currently trailing in third place in national polls.

The lead-up to the election, which is due to take place on 2 June, has been among the most deadly in the country's history.

A recent survey by Mexican political consultancy firm Integralia said some 200 public servants, politicians and candidates have been murdered or threatened in the lead up to the poll. There have been no reported incidents at campaign events.

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