Buddha's teachings for welfare and peace of human beings, says PM Prachanda


Kathmandu, May 23: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said Gautam Buddha's sacrifice, thoughts and practice should be followed for the overall welfare and peace of human beings. 

In a message today on the occasion of the 2568th birth anniversary of leader of the World Peace, Gautam Buddha, Prime Minister Prachanda has said that Buddha's views have become famous and immortal across the world as Buddhism and the philosophy has shown the path of non-violence, harmony and human welfare. 

Saying the teachings and path shown by Gautam Buddha are still relevant, he expressed the belief that national unity, tolerance and mutual harmony could gain heights if the country moved ahead following Buddha's teachings and path. 

The Prime Minister explained that he expected the positive role of the general people to fulfil the national aspiration of good governance, social justice and prosperity. "In the present context, moving ahead with mutual harmony, collaboration and unity in favour of human beings by following Buddha's teachings would be a true respect towards Buddha", reads the message.  

Prime Minister Prachanda has also wished that Buddha Jayanti would encourage all to move ahead following Buddha's philosophy of non-violence, and fraternity.  He has extended best wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity to all Nepalis and Buddhists at home and abroad on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti.   (RSS)

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