Myagdi school conducts entrance exams to admit new students


By Thakur Prasad Acharya,Myadgi, Apr. 23: Beni Community School in Myagdi conducted an entrance examination to admit new students as it was unable to manage the overflow of students willing to enrol in the school. 

Kashiram Regmi, the assistant headmaster, said that they had to conduct the entrance exam as it was not possible to admit all students due to the lack of physical structure, classrooms and teachers. The school is located in Beni Municipality-7.

 He said that it would have been possible to enrol all students if the government had provided physical infrastructure and teachers.

For the current academic session, the school can admit 120 new students in various classes. However, when more than 240 students applied for admission, the school conducted the entrance exam on Sunday. The school will admit the best students based on the results of the entrance exam within two days.

Assistant headmaster Regmi said, "Students who have studied in various private schools are coming here for admission. However, the school cannot admit all the students. Only students who score excellent marks in the entrance exam will be admitted."

According to him, many students had applied for admission in classes 1, 6, and 8. He said that the number of students enrolling in the school had increased due to the good academic standards and effective management of the school in recent times.

The school has allocated separate quotas for indigenous, Dalit, marginalised, poor and low-income students. Students from Myagdi and neighbouring districts of Parbat and Baglung have applied for admission. 

Headmaster Deepak Shrestha said that the school had been regularly conducting entrance exams since 2011 due to limited infrastructure and large number of students aspiring to study in their school.  

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