44-year-old ward chairman taking exam of Grade 8


By Siraj Khan,Nepalgunj, Mar. 28: There is an old saying, “Padne manish lai umerle chhekdaina” (age does not bar a person who wants to read). And a 44-year-old ward chairman in Banke district has proved the saying.

Garibay Sesh, Ward Chairman of Khajura Rural Municipality Ward No. 5 in the district, is appearing for the current ongoing district-level grade eight examination, proving the saying.

Sesh is attending the examination from an exam center at Ardash Secondary School in Khajura.

Sesh, who was elected as the ward chairman from the CPN Maoist Center, said that age will never be a barrier to education. 

He said that due to the lack of awareness among his family members, he was unable to continue his education beyond grade seven. 

Sesh, who was enrolled in grade eight at the local Gyanodaya High School, studied the entire class at home with a home teacher.

"After realising that education is very important in life, I decided to study further and continued my studies," Sesh said, adding, "Now I have decided to continue my studies, my plan is to study up to higher education."

Some other adults of the ward are also taking grade eight exam with Sesh at the centre. 

He said seeing him enrolled in the class, some women and men his age in the neighborhood also joined the studies.

The residents of the ward are very happy to know that their representative is taking a school-level examination. 

“It feels good to see him continue his education at this age,” said Minaraj Thapa, a resident of the ward, referring to Sesh.  

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