Illegal breweries inviting social ills in Mahottari


By Our Correspondent,Bardibas, Mar. 22Illegal breweries operating in the rural areas of Mahottari district are inviting social problems and posing security challenges.

Evidences have shown that alcohol fermented in these traditional breweries sometimes become poisonous. 

Last year, 12 persons died after consuming the homemade alcohol at Bhangaha Sitapur Municipality-7 and Bardibas Municipality-12.  Many of the illegal small breweries are becoming breeding grounds for other illegal activities and unwanted incidents.

According to locals, such breweries are causing social disturbances, disturbing tranquility and polluting cultures. However, they cannot openly oppose them, fearing those who gather at such places.

According to the district police record, places producing homemade liquor are common in the district.  

Police said they raided 15 such breweries and destroyed 5,380 liters of prepared liquor and 6,330 liters of raw materials required to produce liquor since July last year. 

Similarly, it has been informed that 12 alcohol making machines and 59 utensils were sized during the time. Despite the police action, many such illegal breweries are still in operation. 

Superintendent of Police Prakash Malla said that they have launched a campaign against the illegal production and sale of homemade alcohol. He claimed that police were investigating and destroying such liquors based on tipoff.  

According to SP Malla, they had conducted several raids on Monday alone and destroyed seven illegally operating liquor fermenting sites, seized machines and utensils. 

According to Inspector of District Police Crime Investigation Saroj Rai, five taverns were found in the market of Marpura of Loharpatti Municipality 7 alone during a raid.  It has been reported that seven breweries were destroyed on the same day in Dewan of Balwa Municiplaity- 6 and in Bhavanipatti of Aarahi Municiplaity- 9. 

Shailendra Yadav, Mayor of Loharpatti, said that the security agencies were working with the municipality to double down on efforts to combat illegal alcohol production and domestic violence. "We are considering managing and regulating domestic alcohol production ourselves," said Mayor Yadav. "We don't have any knowledge of illegal production taking place in our area, and not managing it properly can lead to serious problems." 

During the operation, 640 liters of homemade liquor including raw materials found in seven houses were publicly destroyed and six brewing machines and eight vessels were also taken under control, said Rai. 

The District Police reported that no one has been detained so far since the operators of such breweries ran away after receiving information from police. 

SP Malla mentioned that the police were trying to identify the fugitive alcohol makers and bring them to book. 

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