Enjoy The Winter


Dixya Poudel

Winter this year will see the Northern Hemisphere in a dim light, more so because energy resources have become dearer. The nations which face harsher winters may have to deal with an energy crisis since the energy supply has been disrupted globally. In Nepal, the citizens must brace for dipping mercury and the cold wave that tends to grip the southern regions of the nation. 

On the brighter note, thanks to the conscientiousness of the Nepal government, there has been fewer and fewer load-shedding in comparison to the past when the nation had to bear a huge surge in electricity disruptions during winter. It is because the rivers tend to dry up during the colder season setting in a spree of power cuts. One can hope that the load-shedding will continue to subside this year too, even as people gather around electric heaters to warm themselves. 

Additionally, winter season shows the dependence on the non-renewable energy sources to warm houses. In Nepal, at offices or at home, people are likely to use heating sources such as gas cylinders. However, it could trigger fuel crisis which is why it is essential to switch to renewable sources of energy such as hydropower and solar power.  Yet, despite the grievances, winter can be a joyful season. 

When it comes to the colder season, there is a popular term called ‘wintering’ which refers to the retreat and rest during the freezing days. Instead of being melancholic during the winter, it can help to look at the bright sides of this season. Bundling up in layers can be fun, if you jazz up your wardrobe with intricate, colourful and patterned clothes. You can go shopping for warmer clothes at departmental stores or even thrift stores. And instead of confining yourself to the comforts of your home, taking long walks while the sun is warm and inviting can also add to the winter experience of sunbathing. Further, you can read cosy books while soaking up the sun rays. 

Likewise, the chill that sets in the colder season brings forth to mind woolen clothes, knitted caps, mittens, coats and boots. It is time to drink copious cups of coffee or tea while chatting with friends. The aroma of coffee in cafes invites people, particularly those who want to overcome the bone-chilling cold. And conversations are likely to begin with an invitation to drink tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate. The fact is the cold makes people a little disgruntled and to rejuvenate the mood, they reach out for a warm cuppa. 

In cities throughout Nepal, cafes are mushrooming and they are trending upon the youth culture as well. And the burgeoning café culture can be especially appealing during the winter season. In Kathmandu, for example, one can sip cappuccino, mocha, espresso, or even try out matcha and green tea across various cafes. However, you can watch your favourite shows and movies at home, if you are feeling less inclined to venture outdoors. 

Additionally, the winter holiday season sees the joyous buzz of the Christmas festival and the Gregorian New year, especially in the western nations. Thus, instead of wallowing in the pestering cold, it can be a solace to welcome winter and take up this time of the year to recuperate and rejuvenate.  

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