Dengue patients increase in Parbat



Parbat, Sept 28 :  Number of patients in hospital have been increasing with the outbreak of dengue in Parbat district.

According to Dr. Rukmina Adhikari, Medical Superintendent of Parbat Hospital, the number of patients has increased significantly due to seasonal fever and dengue. 

So far 35 cases of dengue have been detected in the hospital. 

Dr. Adhikari said that the symptoms of viral fever, typhoid and dengue, which affect many people during the time of season change, are alike and many patients visit the OPD to receive treatment. 

More than 100 patients are visiting the hospital on the daily basis. 

Some patients with complications have to be admitted in the hospital as they reach the hospitals only after taking services from local medical stores, said Dr. Adhikari. 

Although the symptoms of viral fever, typhoid and dengue are the same, medicines should be taken only after undergoing tests, she cautioned. 

Patients with dengue and viral fever should not take medicines except for paracetamol, but some patients are found taking painkillers, which are harmful to them, before visiting the hospital,  said Dr. Adhikari. 

Due to the seasonal change, the number of patients suffering from viral fever has also increased day by day. Patients have symptoms like cold, cough, fever, body ache and headache among others. 

According to Parbat Hospital, scrub typhus has also been confirmed in one of the patients.

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