Thursday, 5 August, 2021

Thoughts on further standardizing political rite in the new era


You Nan

Since the eighteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to the role of political rites in social and political life. As we all know, political rite is an important form of political life. The political rite education of college students plays an important role in condensing students' consensus. As an effective carrier of Cultivating College Students' political view,we should fit the growth needs of students, create a good political atmosphere. Comrade Mao Zedong once pointed out: "without correct political views, there is no soul." This points out the soul function of political rite for ideological and political education of college students. In the new era, the ideological and political education form of Chinese college students has made new achievements, but also need to further innovate, and constantly enhance the cohesion and charisma of college students.

First, following the concern of Chinese ancient political rituals, we have paid great attention to the implementation of political rituals since ancient China, such as sacrificial rites and Confucian performances, which are very touching for everyone's appeal. China has 5,000 years of civilization history, which has accumulated a profound ritual culture for Chinese society. In today's society, we also need to see this kind of spiritual inheritance and attach importance to political "etiquette". In the ideological and political education of college students, we should pay more attention to the comprehensiveness and diversity of the construction of their second classroom. The education of political rite is a good way to cultivate college students' patriotism. Through the drill of political rite, we can deepen college students' memory of national history and the history of the Communist Party of China. Through students' personal participation in personal political rituals, such as the oath of joining the communist party, reviewing the oath of joining the communist party and so on, college students can truly understand the role of political rituals.

Second, prevent the political rite from becoming virtual as superficial efforts and formalized things are useless. We should strengthen our belief in Marxism, socialism and communism, truly feel the seriousness of political rite from college students' psychology, and prevent the generalization of political rite. “There is a big difference between "ritual politics" and "political rite". We should fully realize the consequences of formalism "ritual politics", which wastes time and energy, and even plays a negative role. Nowadays, there are still some political rituals that lack seriousness and tend to be vulgar and random. At this time, we should correct them in time and stick to the seriousness and discipline of political rituals. We should learn positive examples and pay more attention to the practice of political rite. In addition, universities should give full play to the comprehensive advantages of disciplines and majors, pay attention to students' extracurricular social practice activities on the basis of teaching, such as in volunteer service and other activities, systematically improve students' ideological and political theory level, so as to improve students' Ideological and political level in all aspects, which will also promote the appeal of political rite in students' hearts.

Third, enrich the style of political rite to adapt to the identity psychology of college students. Chinese cultural construction stresses that it is "national, scientific and popular". Therefore, the style of political rite should also be in line with this feature, which is also to increase the artistic effect of political rite. With the continuous development of social informatization and the rapid change of science and technology, college students' identity is divided. We should continue to play the positive function of political rite, so that college students can quickly grasp the new political rite, distinguish right from wrong, and not be affected by the fragmentation of negative knowledge. There is need to promote the political communication of new media to achieve good results.

Fourth, improve the evaluation mechanism of political rite. In order to achieve the goal of political rite, the evaluation system of college students' patriotism education needs to be standardized, adopting more scientific investigation methods and index system, focusing on the two aspects of the process and results of political rite education, strengthening the supervision of the effect of political rite ideological and political education, and carrying out dynamic and all-round management of college students' political rite activities, strive to improve the effect of ideological and political education. In order to innovate the political rite of patriotic education for college students, we must combine teaching and education, students' growth and rite infection, and emphasize the unity of rite form and value.

Fifth, the ideological and political education in colleges and universities still takes the ideological and political theory course as the main position, so in the process of college students' learning, we should closely focus on the educational function of political rite. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "etiquette is an effective way of declaring values and educating people. It is necessary to establish and standardize some etiquette systems, such as raising the flag rite, adult rite, joining the communist party, and so on. With the opportunity of important commemorative days and national traditional festivals, we will organize various commemorative celebrations and disseminate mainstream values. Enhance people's sense of identity and belonging. "Through internalizing the value of college students, political rite produces the effect of value guidance and behavior norms. The ideological and political ritual in universities must be guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the new era and the goal of training socialist builders and successors.

Through some of the above measures, in addition, we should pay attention to the political rite to keep pace with the times, to reflect the characteristics of the new era, focus on the theme of the new era, and constantly improve the students' political identity, so as to finally realize the cultural inheritance, cultural identity, cultural consciousness and cultural self-confidence. We should strive to integrate the national spirit, ideals and beliefs presented in the political ceremony with the content of political education in universities.

(You Nan is a lecturer at School of Marxism in Beijing University of science and technology)