Tuesday, 3 August, 2021

China's vaccination campaign may "accelerate" Asia's recovery from pandemic: U.S. media

Medical workers administer COVID-19 vaccine doses to residents at a vaccination site in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province, May 28, 2021. (Xinhua/Yang Shiyao)

NEW YORK, May 31 (Xinhua) -- China has sped up its vaccination drive since the start of this year, which could "accelerate" Asia's recovery from COVID-19, the Wall Street Journal recently wrote.

China's vaccination campaign is "roaring into action," comprising roughly half of the doses being distributed daily around the world, according to the Journal.

"Faster Chinese vaccination could accelerate the return of sorely needed tourism to the battered economies of Southeast Asia," such as Thailand, which relies largely on Chinese tourists, said the article.

Nearly 621 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered across China as of Saturday, China's National Health Commission said Sunday.