Thursday, 24 September, 2020

China stresses on new type of international relations, says all countries are equal


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Sept 11: China has stressed on the need to promote a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation.

All countries are equal, irrespective of their size, strength or wealth. We need to respect other countries' independent choice of social system and development path, oppose interference in internal affairs, and promote a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation, China said on Thursday issuing its position paper on the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.

Pointing at the need to work for a new model of international development partnership that is more equitable and balanced, and consolidate the cooperation architecture with the UN at its core, North-South cooperation as the main channel and South-South cooperation as a supplement, China has stressed on international cooperation for poverty reduction.

The second largest economy in the world has called all for upholding the WTO-centered and rules-based multilateral trading regime, promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and building an open world economy.

In view of the weaknesses and deficiencies exposed by COVID-19, we need to improve the governance system for public health security, the position paper read.

China has proposed a new approach to global governance system saying, "We need to advocate consultation, cooperation and shared benefits in global governance and adopt a Member States-led and action-oriented approach to improve the global governance system."

We need to seek harmonious coexistence between man and nature, pursue sustainable development of economy, society and environment as well as well-rounded human development, and improve global ecological conservation, China stressed on environmental protection and nature conservation.

We should fully leverage the key leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO), and take concerted global action to combat the disease, China said calling for rejecting any politicization or stigmatization relating to COVID-19.

China has proposed the Global Initiative on Data Security, which include issues to ensure that ICT products and service providers should not install backdoors in their products and services, standing against ICT activities that impair or steal important data of other States' critical infrastructure.

China is a founding member of the UN and the first country to sign the Charter.

China is firmly committed to safeguarding the UN-centered global governance system, the basic norms of international relations underpinned by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, the authority and stature of the UN, and the central role of the UN in international affairs, read the 4th point of the IV section of the position paper.

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