Thursday, 24 September, 2020

China comes up with global initiative on data security, says no to backdoors in ICT products


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Sept. 12: China has come up with a global initiative on data security urging all countries to stand against backdoors in ICT products.

China has also called on all the countries across the globe to stand against ICT activities that impair or steal important data of other States' critical infrastructure, or use the data to conduct activities that undermine other States' national security and public interests.

By stressing on opposition to data manipulation of a country by another to undermine national security of the other, China has responded clearly to some countries including the US which have been blaming that Chinese ICT products including some apps have undermined their national security.

ICT products and services providers should not install backdoors in their products and services to illegally obtain users' data, control or manipulate users' systems and devices, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said while proposing the initiative at the International Seminar on Global Digital Governance.

Opposing mass surveillance against other States and unauthorized collection of personal information of other States with ICTs as a tool, China has advocated for taking actions to prevent and put an end to activities that jeopardize personal information through the use of ICTs.

States should not request domestic companies to store data generated and obtained overseas in their own territory, China said in its proposal for a Global Initiative on Data Security.

We call on all States to support this initiative, and confirm the aforementioned commitments through bilateral, regional and international agreements. We also welcome global ICT companies to support this initiative, urged Chinese Foreign Minister Wang addressing International Seminar on Global Digital Governance held on September 8.


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