Thursday, 3 December, 2020

  ICC World Cup Cricket League-II: Nepal restricts US to 35 runs to create world history   


Kathmandu, Feb 12 : Today's cricket match between Nepal and the US remained historic.

Nepal clinched an opportunity to create a world history by limiting the opponent to 35 runs in a match played under ICC World Cup Cricket League-II triangular series here today. The US in course of hitting the lowest runs in the one-day cricket now stands with Zimbabwe. It may be noted Zimbabwe in 2004 played with 35 runs against Sri Lanka in Harare and the US this time repeats the history.    

Sandip Lamichhane, a leg spinner, who has already given his impressive performance in the international prestigious matches, today played with perhaps the ever best performance in his cricket career in course of limiting the US to 35. He alone took six wickets.    

He just gave 16 runs in six overs. Similarly, Sushan Bhari dismissed four batsmen from the opponent giving five runs in three overs. Karan KC allowed the opponent to hit 13 runs in three overs. He failed to take any wicket.    

In the final match of tri-series under the ICC World Cup Cricket League-II, Nepal chose to field first by winning the toss.    

The US failed to leave a good impression since the beginning. They lost the first wicket without any run in the account.    

In the last ball of second over, US trusted opening batsman Ian Holland returned to pavilion without hitting a single run.    

The US has already lost its eight members while it was with 31 runs in 11 overs. They in 12 overs lost two wickets again in Sandip's bowling, being limited to 35 at the loss of all wickets.     

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