Saturday, 19 September, 2020

Badminton: Nepal enter semifinals


Smita Adhikari
Pokhara, Dec.1: The 13th SAG got underway in Pokhara with the start of badminton.
State Minister for Social Development and Coordinator of 13th SAG Local management and Facilitation Committee, Naradevi Pun Magar, inaugurated the game of badminton by handing over a shuttlecock to the referee Lalit Abdullah of Bangladesh.
Magar later said that she was pleased that the city of Pokhara had got an opportunity to host the international players and stated that Pokhara had felt proud after getting a chance of welcome players and delegates from friendly nations.
On Sunday, Nepal secured at least two medals in team event, one each in men’s and women’s team event after entering the semifinals of the men's and women's events. Nepal will secure a bronze medals if its players are defeated in the semifinal.
In the women's event, Nepal defeated Bangladesh to secure a place in semifinals. In the men's event, Bangladesh lost to Pakistan in straight sets in three games.
During today’s inaugural programme, Chair of Asian Badminton, Ushwaha Nasir said Asian nations should collaborate to each other to develop the game of badminton.
According to the local management committee, the delegates for 13th SAG would be welcomed at a special ceremony.


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